2022 Sherco ST Factory Trials Replica

Sherco’s limited edition ST Factory Replica test model returns to Australia in 2022 in strictly limited numbers and this time in two configurations: 250cc and 300cc.

2022 Sherco ST Factory Trials Replica

Based on current ST Factory models, the Factory Replica features special graphics replicating the machine that Spaniard Jeroni Fajardo rides in world indoor and outdoor trials moto titles. Plus a host of nifty standard features:

  • A titanium exhaust elbow
  • Factory Adjustable Aluminum Tech Fork
  • Reiger bi-directional shock absorber
  • Lightened front rim
  • Red billet hubs
  • Neken handlebar
  • Red S3 Hard Rock Footpegs
  • Galfer front and rear brake discs
  • Braktec hydraulic brakes and clutch
  • Oxia red anodized cylinder head
  • S3 chain guard
  • S3 #5 handlebar grips

Only 10 units of each model will arrive in Australia, priced at RRP $12,490 for the Factory Replica 300 ST and RRP $12,190 for the Factory Replica 250 ST.

2022 Sherco ST Factory Trials Replica

Both models will arrive in Australia in late June/early July 2022, but contact your local Sherco dealer now to secure your limited edition Sherco slice of excellence.

2022 Sherco ST Factory Trials Replica

For more information see the Sherco Australia website: https://www.sherco.com.au/


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