While it is understandable to overlook the Vastu of a residence, most Indian merchants would never be so lax with their factories or godowns. “Creating productive and profitable workspaces is of the utmost importance as many livelihoods depend on it,” emphasizes Vastukar Neeta Sinha of Mumbai-based AstroArchitecture. She also insists that you should never take risks with a commercial space and have your factories repaired by a Vastu consultant. Invest in these Vastu tips for factories and commercial properties to boost business and thrive financially.

Prominent signage

Industrial psychology would recommend that the nameplate and company signage be visible to customers from a distance, as it makes sense in the design. “Vastu says the same thing, because success can be seen no matter how high you stand,” Sinha jokes.


Doors of Opportunity

Sinha has always maintained that a dwelling should only have one door, but she understands that in a factory there are several entrances and exits: a staff entrance, a service entrance, one for the public, etc. Each of these door directions should be professionally checked by a Vastukar to ensure auspiciousness. “Then paint the side wall of each entryway neon yellow because it’s an activating color,” she says.

Reception area

Even if the plant does not receive customers, the owner must ensure that a landscape architect lays out a garden or at least grows some lucky Vastu plants like at the entrance and the place must have a welcome reception. “Light some kapoor, dhoop, or an oil diffuser with your favorite essential oil like lemongrass or jasmine. It will attract business, like bees flock to flowers,” Sinha says.

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Territorial marker

The president’s suite should be subtly shaded with bright red elements placed on the owner’s table. “Red is the color of dominance and aggression and should always be displayed by the alpha of the pack,” advises Sinha.


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