Power and automation giant ABB India said on Monday it had expanded and upgraded its smart power plant in Nelamangala, Bengaluru, to meet strong growth in demand for its solutions.

The smart facility leverages advanced collaborative robotics technology for better human-machine interface, artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced scanning technologies to create a sophisticated, automated and flexible factory ready for the future, ABB India said. in a press release.

The installation meets the growing demand in all sectors including commercial and residential buildings, infrastructure, utilities and solar, wind and many other renewable energy systems where electricity is consumed, a- he declared.

“The upgrades and expansion of the Bangalore plant make it one of our most advanced production facilities in the world. The adoption of exciting new Industry 5.0 technologies makes it an ideal location for the production, testing and supply of ABB Smart Power technologies.

“The Smart Power team is the ideal partner for customers seeking higher standards of safety, reliability and energy efficiency in their operations,” said Giampiero Frisio, president of the Smart Power division of ABB Group.

Covering more than 8,400 square meters, the ABB Smart Power factory connects equipment such as robots, motors and drives to the Internet of Things (IoT).

Connected factory software highlights opportunities for process optimization and schedules predictive maintenance to maximize productivity and efficiency.

This resulted in 40% increased productivity in the same space, with 15% energy efficiency, the company said.

“Smart factories would be the cornerstone for India’s manufacturing sector to leapfrog and produce quality electrification products and solutions to sustainably support the country’s next growth across all sectors,” said Kiran Dutt, President , Electrification Business, ABB India.


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