Jean Hung (CAG) and Ng Wee Wei (Accenture)

Credit: Accenture

Changi Airport Group (CAG) is extending its collaboration with Accenture for the next three years to further transform its operations and improve the traveler experience at Changi Airport.

The partnership began in 2019 with the establishment of a digital factory. Under the DIVA banner – digital, innovation, business and analytics – the factory was launched to help Changi Airport develop, experiment and deploy new digital products and services, from conceptualization to market deployment.

Hosted by experts from Accenture and Changi Airport, DIVA leverages new technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), digital marketing, big data and analytics, predictive maintenance and the Internet of objects (IoT).

The new agreement sees both parties leveraging technologies such as extended reality, machine learning, IoT and edge computing to enable Changi Airport to seamlessly engage travelers at various points. of contact, before their arrival at the airport and after their departure. A transfer of knowledge and skills to the CAG team is also to be expected.

“We worked closely with CAG to implement digital improvements and instill a culture of experimentation,” said Ng Wee Wei, Singapore Managing Director at Accenture.

“As the line between physical and digital continues to blur, organizations have the opportunity to address issues such as trust, sustainability, security, responsible access and use, diversity, etc., helping to set the stage for the future.We see many new opportunities to bring even more immersive collaborative, personalized and meaningful experiences to CAG customers.

Adopting a customer-centric approach based on rapid prototyping, Accenture and CAG will jointly design and deploy new digital products at Changi Airport.

One of the products is a new loyalty platform that will allow customers to earn points for spending and travel, redeem loyalty points across all channels in one place, and provide more choice. exchange, encouraging customers to stay engaged and connected.

By integrating data from a variety of sources, the platform will enable Changi Airport to better understand its customers, enabling the company to provide them with highly personalized communications, experiences and offers.

“Changi Airport Group has always put our customers first; constantly improving the airport experience and delighting our customers even when they are not traveling,” said Hung Jean, Senior Vice President, Enterprise Digital Ecosystem & Business Group, CAG.

“In this next phase of our digital transformation journey, how we deliver Changi’s unique experience, whether offline or online, to our customers remains critical. Our vision is to build deeper relationships with our customers. customers and strive to serve them even better through innovative and interactive digital solutions.

“We are pleased to extend our collaboration with Accenture, which has proven to be a valuable partner with the ability to combine innovative design capabilities with technology and industry expertise.”

Additionally, Accenture will implement a centralized identity and access management solution to help improve data security and privacy. Thus, customers will no longer need to log in through multiple accounts to access different applications.

Divyesh Vithlani, senior managing director of the Southeast Asia market unit at Accenture, outlined plans to use emerging technologies such as Web3 to enable customer, partner and workforce connectivity. airport workforce, which will provide “greater choice and control over how they work, live, play. and learning while developing a greater sense of community and culture.”

“Facilitating the transfer of knowledge and skills to Changi employees will also allow Changi to be more self-sufficient to achieve better business results,” added Vithlani.

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