ANCA introduces the AIMS – ANCA Integrated Manufacturing System. Being a factory-wide integration of Industry 4.0, AIMS is ANCA’s solution to viewing the factory as one machine. Rather than separating the workflow into many different elements of design, blank preparation, grinding, laser marking, washing, packaging and shipping, AIMS streamlines the entire manufacturing process of complementary tools and technologies.

An interactive and fully operational AIMS cell will be on display at IMTS in Chicago, September 12-17, 2022. The demo showcases the main modules of the AIMS system – a Automatic adjustment pre-employment station, AutoLine for the transfer of pallets and tools as well as Automatic Extraction – a robot responsible for material transfer between processes – pallet and individual tools between work preparation, grinding and tool measurement on the ZOLLER measuring machine.

With AIMS, ANCA addresses common challenges in the tool manufacturing industry related to labor cost and availability, as well as production safety and efficiency. Access to skilled personnel and the need to eliminate simple, repeatable tasks that could be easily automated – AIMS maximizes crusher productivity and generally improves overall equipment efficiency. Integration with ERP systems to streamline workflows is also one of the important features of AIMS.

The principles of the AIMS system are flexibility and modularity. This means that each system can be tailored to the needs of an individual customer using the right building blocks – or modules. It can evolve from a pure software monitoring solution to a fully automated manufacturing cell.

AIMS is not a single product but rather a suite or ecosystem of interconnected building blocks which can be configured to meet the requirements of an individual customer. Manufacturers can gradually build their AIMS system using self-contained AIMS Ready components, which can be easily upgraded to fully automatic mode if needed. Customers can tackle their most pressing issues first and stagger implementation over a period of time. This tiered option makes AIMS a feasible solution for customers investing in this breakthrough technology and realizing the potential of their business.

Jan Irzyk, AIMS Product Manager, said: “We are excited to present a physical and functional model of AIMS for customers to understand the powerful potential of truly integrated manufacturing.”

“AIMS can be configured in several ways, the IMTS cell demonstrates an unattended manufacturing workflow of two varieties of end mills on an ANCA MX7 machine. An important part of this workflow is the closed-loop measurement and compensation process using ZOLLER Genius as the measurement station. Depending on the requirements of each customer, our system can automatically transfer a tool from the ground batch, clean it, measure the required geometries and transfer the results to the respective grinding machine where compensation of the grinding parameters takes place to achieve the required dimensional tolerance of the batch.

Visitors to the ANCA stand at IMTS (stand 237406, north building, level 3) can see:

• Management of data flows for the AIMS cell with the AIMS server – a software suite developed by ANCA
• How to start building AIMS capability with a simplified, ergonomic solution for transferring pallets between processes or automated laser marking with AutoMarkX.

Jan concluded, “In the not too distant future, we will be able to demonstrate the capability of AIMS in a production environment, which is very exciting – so watch this space, there is much more to come!”


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