This webinar originally took place on August 10, 2022 and is now available for on-demand viewing.
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Duration: 1 hour

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Recently, the concept of “smart factory” from the theme of Industry 4.0 and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) has become an increasingly popular term. Smart factories, via IIoT enabling technologies, have the potential to improve productivity, reduce waste and downtime, and optimize manufacturing processes, creating a new era of manufacturing.

Machine vision plays a key role in smart factories, where automated manufacturing lines will be able to self-adjust to maximize quality, production and profitability. Smart factories offer manufacturing, logistics and warehousing environments the opportunity to improve overall processes.

During this webinar, Tom Brennan, President of Artemis Vision, will discuss smart factory concepts and the role machine vision plays and how the smart factory is sometimes best viewed as a culture that values ​​data collection and promoting incremental “smart” improvements that make the process faster, more flexible and better.

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Tom Brenan
Artemis Vision

Tom Brennan is President of Artemis Vision, a machine vision software and integration company headquartered in Denver, CO, with regional offices in Dallas and Charlotte. The company founded in 2010 has been fully funded by successful customer projects and leads the development of vision-guided robotics, parallel computing for vision, 3D vision and traceability. The company specializes in innovative approaches to industrial, medical and scientific vision problems.

Moderator: Chris McLoone
Chief Editor
Design of vision systems

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