SANTA ROSA (CBS SF) — A Santa Rosa couple have been arrested on firearms charges after a police raid on their home uncovered a cache of illegal ghost weapons and a 3D computer set up to make magazines, weapons firearms and large capacity firearms. rooms.

Santa Rosa police said Benjamin Tran, 31, and Elizabeth Gordon, 40, were arrested Tuesday night. Their arrests came after property crime detectives developed leads on a suspected local gun trafficker importing illegal gun parts from outside the United States.

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Detectives obtained a search warrant for Tran’s Summercreek Drive residence. When they arrived, they found Tran walking his dog outside the house and immediately detained him.

Shortly after, Gordon was arrested upon arriving home. Officers found a loaded semi-automatic firearm concealed in her purse.

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Inside the house, they discovered a 3D printer used to make weapons along with 13 firearms, 10 of which were illegally owned under California gun laws. Many handguns were ghost guns that lacked identifying serial numbers.

Detectives also seized a Glock switch, which converts a handgun into a fully automatic machine gun. In addition, detectives seized a silencer, molds and templates for the manufacture of firearms.

Tran was charged with seven crimes, including possession of a machine gun, an assault weapon (three counts), a silencer, and short-barreled shotguns (two counts); being a criminal and drug addict with a firearm, making an assault weapon (three counts), and making high-capacity magazines (three counts).

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Gordon was arrested on suspicion of three felonies, including carrying a loaded and concealed firearm and being a felon and drug addict with a firearm.


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