fear factory announced the release of a remix album titled Recoded October 28. The album is made up of all the remixed songs from their 2020 album Aggression Continuum and is the band’s first remix album since 1997 Refurbishment. A first single is expected on September 2 and the disc runs as follows:

  1. “Adapt Or Die” (Intro Narrative By Jake SternSound effects by Zardonic)
  2. “Hatred Will Prevail” (remix of “Monolith” by Rhys Fulber)
  3. “Disobey” (“Disruptor” Remix by Zardonic)
  4. “I Am the Nightrider” (“Fuel Injected Suicide Machine” Remix by Dualized/Zardonic)
  5. “Path to Salvation” (“Purity” Remix by Rhys Fulber)
  6. “Worthless” (“End of Line” Remix by Zardonic)
  7. “Empires Fall” Remix by tyrant of death)
  8. “System Assassin” (“Aggression Continuum” Remix by Rhys Fulber)
  9. “Hypocrisy Of Faith” (“Manufactured Hope” Remix by Rob Gee)
  10. “This Is My Life” (“Cognitive Dissonance” Remix by Zardonic)
  11. “Recoded” (“Recode” Remix by Blush_Answer)

Vinyl Bonus Tracks:

  1. “Turbo Factory” (“End Of Line” Remix by turbo boost)
  2. “Break Off” (“Disruptor” Remix by Rhys Fulber)

fear factory also set to release a reissue of his 2012 album industrial with current fear factory drummer mike heller replacing all programmed drums from the original album, plus bonus tracks, including the closer original album “Enhanced Reality”. As for who is the band’s new vocalist, guitarist Dino Cazares recently explained the situation. The original plan was to release a new song featuring the singer before fear factorytour with Static-Xbut this tour has unfortunately been postponed.

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“[They’re saying] ‘What’s new? You were going to announce a new singer? What happened?’ What I was going to do was announce the new singer right before the Static-X tour which was to take place now. So I was gonna announce it, I was gonna drop a track right before the tour, just to get some hype for the tour [and] introduce the person. But the tour was postponed, and I went on tour with soulfly and then all this other stuff.

“The thing is, if I announce his name right now, everyone’s going to attack – boom! They haven’t even heard it yet, and they’re going to attack him. So I want to do where I get a piece out. Everybody’s like, ‘Get a piece out right now.’ Well, there’s planning involved I don’t want to release a song just to release it and nothing behind it So in other words what I’m trying to say is that what the most fans don’t understand is that you want to create hype for something.

“In other words, right before a tour, I’d release a song with the new singer, and people would be excited – boom! – you’ve got something to do on tour. Hopefully that would help generate more sales. tickets, would generate more interest in the band, blah blah blah blah But if I release a track now, there’s nothing behind it and that’s rubbish. That’s what most fans don’t understand – there’s planning and there’s timing So I don’t say who this person is until the time is right… So that’s my thing I tell everything the world right now, that’s it.

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