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Check How to Factory Reset Windows 10/11 PC

If you have a persistent problem with your PC that you have not been able to resolve, your best option is to reset your operating system normally. This gives you the option to keep (update) your files, delete everything, or perform a factory reset. A Windows 11 and Windows 10 factory reset performs a full factory reset on a PC that has the operating system pre-installed. This is usually only possible if your device is from an original electronics manufacturer (OEM) such as HP, Dell, or Lenovo.

It will return you to the version of Windows installed at the time, while removing all your applications, files, drivers and configuration changes. It will also reinstall any apps your manufacturer included with the PC. If your Windows computer isn’t working, it might help to run Microsoft’s Windows Update tool or uninstall a recent update. You can even run your own diagnostic tests to make sure your hard drive is healthy.

However, if your PC is malfunctioning or you are planning to get rid of your current computer, it might be time to factory reset your PC. Whether you’re still using Windows 10 or you’ve upgraded to Windows 11, the steps below are mostly the same. This process may erase your current files and settings depending on the options you choose, so be sure to back up your files first.

How to Factory Reset Windows 10/11 PC

Factory reset Windows 11 from Settings app (for working PCs)

If your PC starts up fine and you can log in to your computer, you can easily reset your Windows 11 laptop or desktop. Here’s how you can do it.

  • Press the Windows key once and search for “reset”. Now select “Reset this PC”. You can also open the Settings app using the “Windows + I” keyboard shortcut in Windows 11 and navigate to “System -> Recovery”.
  • Next, click on the “Reset PC” button under Recovery options.
  • Now a pop-up window will open. Here, click on “Save my files”. Choosing this option will reinstall Windows 11, remove all installed programs, but keep files and folders on other drives except the C drive. All your files in the Desktop, Documents, and Downloads folder will be deleted. So be sure to back up those valuable files.
  • Then choose the “Local reinstallation” option. It will reinstall the same version of Windows 11 that is currently installed on your PC, and it will take less time since everything is done locally. If you want to reset your PC and update Windows 11 to the latest stable version, please choose the “Cloud Download” option. It will download about 5GB Windows 11 installation files from internet and it will take more time.
  • Then change the “Additional Settings” if desired, then click “Next”.
  • Finally, check the summary and click “Reset”. Your PC will now restart and start the factory reset process for Windows 11. You just need to wait patiently and follow the on-screen instructions from now on to set up your PC again from scratch.

Factory Reset Windows 11 from Recovery (For Non-Working PCs)

  • Once you are on the recovery screen, click on “Advanced options”.
  • Then click “Troubleshoot”.
  • Next, choose the “Reset this PC” option.
  • Now select Keep my files -> Local reinstallation. As you can already see, this is the same process flow we saw in the previous section, but we access it through Recovery Mode in Windows 11 in this section. You can also choose “Delete All” if you want to delete all your files and programs. Or choose “Cloud Download” if you want to download and reinstall the latest stable copy of Windows 11 from the Internet.
  • Your PC will now restart and begin the Windows 11 factory reset process. Please wait, then follow the on-screen instructions to set up your Windows 11 computer as new.

For Windows 10

  • Now click on the Windows icon in the lower right corner of the screen.
  • The Windows start menu will appear. Now click on the “search bar” next to the Windows logo and open Settings.
  • Now click on Update and security.update-and-security.
  • Under Windows Update, click on the fifth option, Recovery.
  • Now click Start to continue.
  • A pop-up screen will appear offering options to keep or delete all files. Select according to your preference.
  • A window will appear with information on how to reset. Click Reset to continue.
  • Your device will now proceed with the reset.

Final Words: How to Factory Reset Windows 10/11 PC

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