Chennai-based drone startup Garuda Aerospace has partnered with HiiLSE Global SdnBhd (HiiLSE Drones), a Malaysian company, to set up the largest factory in the South Asia region once operational , company sources said on Wednesday, June 22. The HiiLSE Garuda Aerospace Factory will be built on 2.42 hectares of land, with an investment of ₹115 crore to provide state-of-the-art technology to the public and private sectors across the region.

A thriving ecosystem for drone start-ups

Garuda Aerospace Founder-CEO Agnishwar Jayaprakash said the partnership will facilitate a drone ecosystem where artificial intelligence, learning technologies and machine learning can advance. He further noted that once the drone factory is operational, it will be the first such factory in Malaysia and the largest in all of South Asia, creating 3,000 job opportunities in the sector. technology and drones, as reported TechCircle.

With its first foreign drone factory on the way, Garuda Aerospace will carve out a place as India’s most valuable drone start-up and steadily expand into the global market, Jayaprakash said.

Garuda Aerospace Journey

It is a drone-as-a-service start-up founded by Jayaprakash in 2015. It creates, designs and manufactures 30 models and offers more than 50 types of services related to drone technology. This includes – agricultural spraying and seed dropping, structural damage monitoring, Industry 4.0 upgrades, warehouse management and even delivery services for food, medicine, etc.

In February, Garuda Aerospace’s new drone manufacturing plants in Gurugram and Chennai were virtually inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Additionally, in June, MS Dhoni became an investor in the start-up and a brand ambassador.

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