A Spring Feeds Limited worker, Adekunle Shokunbi, has lamented how he suffered a work accident which caused him to lose his right hand while working for the company in Itamaga area of ​​Ikorodu, South Korea. State of Lagos.

PUNCH Metro discovered that Adekunle, alongside other colleagues, was working when he attempted to dispose of leftover animal feed in the machine used to mix produce at the company’s factory.

The 22-year-old said his right hand was inside the machine when his colleague, identified only as David, suddenly turned it on, adding that the machine cut his hand.

Adekunle said as he was writhing in pain, his colleagues rushed him to Ijede General Hospital, adding that he was unconscious when he arrived at the hospital.

He said: ‘I was employed as a stockist and at a time when the business was short of staff it started to branch out and I was put in charge of supervising workers in the factory.

“I was doing my daily work on April 5 when I suddenly realized that the workload was too heavy for the available staff members. So, instead of just sitting down to supervise, I helped the people working in the factory unload the animal feed that the machine had mixed into a bag.

“While I was working I realized that there were animal food remains inside the machine and I decided to clean the remains with my hand because that is how they clean usually leftovers in the machine since I got there.

“While I was cleaning up the remains, one of the staff, David, turned on the machine while my hand was inside and the machine cut my hand. I kept screaming that he was supposed to turn off the machine but he panicked and the machine badly damaged my right hand.My colleagues quickly rushed me to Ijede General Hospital and when I arrived I passed out.

Adekunle’s mother, Ajoke, said that after her son was stabilized at Ijede General Hospital, he was transferred to Igbobi National Orthopedic Hospital, from where he was transferred to Lagos University Teaching Hospital, where Adekunle’s right hand was cut off during the operation.

The 46-year-old said: ‘I was at home when his dad called me to say a machine had cut off my son’s hand. I was shocked. When I arrived at the hospital, I realized that her right hand had been bandaged, so I couldn’t see her properly. It was until we got to LUTH that I realized he had suffered a very serious injury.

“We tried to have a meeting with the managing director of the company but it was not successful. She insisted on meeting us at our house but we were advised to give a neutral ground for the meeting. So we gave her the neutral ground address and when she arrived and realized it wasn’t our house she wandered off and we haven’t been able to have a meeting with her since during.

A photo in our correspondent’s possession showed Adekunle lying on a hospital bed with his hand bandaged.

Another photo showed the mutilated hand in a bucket after being cut off during surgery. An image showing the native of Ogun State without a right hand was also seen.

The family’s lawyer, Olumide Adefila, while demanding justice for the victim, petitioned the general manager regarding the incident.

In the petition, dated May 4, 2022, Adefila demanded a prosthetic hand for Adekunle and compensation of 40 million naira.

The petition read in part: ‘Our client is only 22 years old and will carry this shame and stigma of permanent disability for the rest of his life where he will be deprived of many things for as long as he lives.

“We have the strict instruction of our client to demand that a prosthetic hand be procured for him with immediate effect; that work compensation in the amount of N40 million be paid to our client for the permanent and irreversible physical deformity suffered by our client through no fault of his own while employed by your company. »

The company’s general manager, Dayo Seriki, said the accident was caused by Adekunle, adding that he exceeded his duty.

He said, “It’s not his duty to go and operate the machine; he went there on his own. How can someone operate a machine without knowing the existence of the machine? When the accident happened, I followed them everywhere and paid all the hospital bills. I have all my facts and figures because we never gave it up.

“They said I should pay 100 million naira, where am I going to get it? Do they want to kill me or cut off my hand? Kunle Shokunbi is alive and I thank God for that but if it is his mother who wants to trick me because something happened to her child as she asks for 100 million naira while the company is on a plot, so where is the money. We are still paying his salary.

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