According to recent reports, the Lucid site in Arizona will expand to approximately three times its current size. Currently, Lucid’s first factory sits on some 600 acres of land in Pinal County. However, news broke this week that the country had purchased an additional 1,400 acres.

Tesla’s Elon Musk has said on more than one occasion that Lucid, as well as Rivian, are going to have a hard time doing this, which is arguably true. If you look at Tesla’s checkered past and that of most automotive startups, the tough times are obvious. Not to mention the impact of the global pandemic and chip shortage and supply chain issues.

That said, Lucid and Rivian are moving forward amid struggles, with Rivian already deep in plans for a new factory, and now Lucid planning a major expansion of its automobile production plant in Casa Grande, Arizona.

Pinal Country is said to have leased the new land from 14 different landlords around Lucid’s Casa Grande facility. It cost the county $113.5 million. The acquisition expands Lucid’s available acres to approximately 2,000. Teslarati, so much land could work to make the startup electric automaker’s manufacturing campus as big as that of traditional automakers. Once the project is complete, Lucid could hire up to 6,000 new employees.

Official plans for the newly acquired acreage are unknown. However, we know that a The customer experience center should be part of the plan. The new center will require the expansion of roads in the area, which will be paid for by Casa Grande.

As we previously reported, Lucid plans to enter the third stage of factory expansion in Arizona in 2023. The new land could be used for more buildings, although Lucid has previously shared that it will also expand the current buildings and increase production to 40,000 EVs per year.

Currently, Lucid is struggling to ramp up production, which is normal for an electric vehicle startup amid global turmoil. The automaker delivered less than 700 cars in the second quarter of 2022. Moreover, it has pushed back its future production estimates for 2022 by 50% thanks to monumental problems with supply chains and logistics.

That said, Lucid CEO and CTO Peter Rawlinson is confident the company has figured out what the issues are. He says demand is strong and the electric vehicle maker will do everything in its power to overcome bottlenecks and make notable progress in the future. Sounds familiar…?


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