How it started:

Factory Fish Tanks began as a simple glass and acrylic manufacturer. Sitting in a small warehouse were the founder, two employees and a laser. With just about everything they needed, Factory Fish Tanks started cutting glass and acrylic for commercial projects.

The swimming pools were the first big break for them. With the rise of acrylic pools, they have found a place to stand out with their boutique like craftsmanship. They have started making acrylic pools for some of the biggest hotel chains and for ordinary people who want a nice looking pool.

The first aquarium customer started as a swimming pool contractor. The contractor loved our acrylic and decided to build a nearly 500 gallon acrylic wall mounted aquarium for his office. With little experience in aquariums, they began to learn. Working with a close customer gave them the confidence to expand into this new territory. They hired the best aquarium craftsman they could find and started this new business. Soon they started getting more aquarium orders than pool orders. This led them to receive so many aquarium orders that they had to change their name! The rest is history…

Cutting, polishing and drilling glass:

From a laser cutter to an extrusion machine, they can now create acrylic sheets up to 12” thick. Yes, a whole foot thick. Their warehouse carries a multitude of sizes and purities including low iron glass which is one of the clearest glasses available in the industry. The glass is then sanded and polished to achieve a perfect edge.

Reservoir sealing:

The next step is to start sealing the tank. Team members carefully align each cut plane to the correct orientation and begin gluing each edge. This then makes it easier to apply the silicone. They contain clear and black reef safe silicone which is the premium silicone up to 10 times stronger than standard silicone ensuring a waterproof tank. With the silicone assembly, the tank is tightened and inspected for any imperfections.

A recent 180 gallon low iron tank built by Factory Fish Tanks

Hardening and crating:

Silicone takes at least 24 hours to harden completely. At Factory Fish Tanks, the silicone is double sealed and allowed up to 48 hours to fully cure. Then the tank is enclosed in wood, creating a sturdy crate that will hold up during transport. All Factory Fish Tanks aquariums come white glove with a truck to every home or business.

With thousands of satisfied customers, Factory Fish Tank has stood out as a manufacturer of custom aquariums for years. With its recent brand refresh and push into retail, Factory Fish Tanks has come a long way from being just a glass cutter.

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