DRACUT – If you’ve never tried a coxinha, prepare your taste buds for an explosion of flavors.

Coxinha is a popular Brazilian dish, consisting of fried dough traditionally filled with chicken. But at the Mini Bites Factory, you have a variety of flavors to choose from, whether it’s chicken, sausage, four cheese, or a dessert flavor like caramel.

On February 19, the local chain’s fourth Mini Bites opened its new location at 1274 Lakeview Ave. Other locations include Everett, Framingham and Waterbury, Connecticut.

The Dracut site will serve as the company’s base, where all the coxinhas will be prepared, frozen and then sent to the other sites. The location will also take care of catering for small and large businesses.

Owner and President Bruno Almeida opened the first Mini Bites location in 2017 with his business partner, Claudio Sena. The Dracut site has been in the works for more than a year for the partners, having signed the lease for the former Smoke and Cape space in July 2020. The new site opened in December, but a grand opening was not announced. took place only in February.

In the time it took to open the Dracut site, Almeida said he already had his sights set on a fifth Mini Bites Factory in Peabody.

“I finally want to have 10,” Almeida said. “Then I can start thinking about the franchise. You need to have a strong brand that people can trust.

The Mini Bites Factory Dracut location is primarily for pickup and delivery, however, there will be a few tables inside.


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