A new bakery and restaurant are set to open in Chubb’s historic buildings in Wolverhampton. Medicine Bakery, an independent business originally based in Codsall, has been granted listed planning permission to open the new restaurant in the buildings – which also house the Light House media center and Fryer Street cinema.

The company also has outlets in Birmingham and has just signed a 25-year lease for the ground floor space and courtyard of the Amici Mai unit. A statement released alongside the planning request, which was made by Wolverhampton-based Podular Systems, said: “We have now outgrown the Codsall Bakery and require additional capacity to meet the growing popularity of our artisanal products and our high quality food service.

“Unfortunately, the restaurant and beautiful inner courtyard of the Chubb Buildings has stood empty for many years with intermittent footfall. The restaurant structures will be clad in tiered greenery and visual displays to create a botanical garden feel. promise of an immersive, high-quality dining experience in the Chubb Buildings is expected to complement and support local entertainment businesses and the city’s commercial district,” he added.

Originally built in 1898, the Chubb Buildings served as the headquarters of the Chubb and Sons Lock and Safe Company for many years and are a prominent downtown landmark. Locks and safes were made locally and assembled by hand for distribution around the world.

The building was renovated in the 1980s and 1990s before being converted and extended to include a cinema and provide a new media and creative arts center for the city. An on-site meeting with James Holliday, the council’s Urban Design and Conservation Officer, has already taken place to review the site and proposed works, where it was agreed that a Listed Buildings Planning Consent was required .

The new facility, which will also include the addition of a sales kiosk, will allow the chain to increase its production capacity to support more locations across the Midlands.


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