If you’ve driven south from Mile High Stadium in Denver, Colorado, you might have passed a very unique place in the world of mountain biking without even knowing it. Guerrilla Gravity is what you might think of as a custom mountain bike factory and it’s located right here in Colorado.

Colorado Guerrilla Gravity ATV Factory Location

Colorado’s Guerrilla Gravity ATV company and factory is located just south of downtown Denver at 1495 S. Acoma Street, Denver, Colorado 80223.

Take a Virtual Tour of a Colorado Mountain Bike Factory

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The shop might not look like much from the outside, but what it does on the inside is quite remarkable.

History of Colorado’s Guerrilla Gravity Bike Shop

Guerrilla Gravity had humble beginnings in one of the current owners’ garages where he and his partner, Will, created their first prototype in 2012. About a decade later, the Guerrilla Gravity shop doesn’t just design mountain bikes custom, but builds them all in -house.

Colorado Guerrilla Gravity: The Factory

When you first enter Guerrilla Gravity, you’re greeted by beautiful custom mountain bikes and parts, but the real magic happens in the back.

There’s literally a mountain bike factory there where Guerrilla Gravity makes carbon fiber bikes that are 300% more impact resistant than your average bike.

They design the bikes, create all the parts, weld all the parts together, sand and paint the bikes, add decals, and every other step you can imagine to create beautiful bikes.

One notable thing about Guerrilla Gravity that also sets them apart is the hard rock/metal theme of the store. Some of their custom bikes have names like ‘Pedalhead’ and ‘Megatrail’, there’s a picture of Dethklok’s Nathan Explosion hanging in the factory, and the company’s merchandising has logos that look like bands like Motorhead. and Megadeth.

Take a virtual tour of the Guerrilla Gravity ATV factory in Colorado:

Take a Virtual Tour of a Colorado Mountain Bike Factory

Guerrilla Gravity is an ATV factory right here in Colorado.

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