The site of a former factory could be turned into dozens of new homes as part of a new plan for the area. The land of the old Pretty Polly Hosiery Factory The Mansfield Road site, Sutton-in-Ashfield, would grow to 36 homes if plans were approved by Ashfield District Council.

The factory was demolished many years ago, with the land currently a brownfield site surrounded by other housing estates which have replaced the rest of the site. The new homes would be built by Peveril Homes Limited.

Independent Councilor David Hennigan, who represents Sutton Central and New Cross on Ashfield District Council, said: “There has been a lot of development in this area over the past few years. Unwin Road, Tom Stimpson Way and other parts of the surrounding area have been completely transformed.”

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“I will consult with local residents before drawing any firm conclusions on whether to support this. This is right in the middle of embroiderer country – the former site of Pretty Polly.

“I have concerns about proper infrastructure – these have been exacerbated by the decision of the Conservative government-appointed Planning Inspectorate to refuse planning permission for a new Lidl supermarket in the area.

“It’s no surprise that applications for additional housing are coming in for Sutton-in-Ashfield. Council’s £66.2million regeneration plans for Sutton, record investment in Lammas Leisure Center and game park transformation mean that Sutton-in-Ashfield is the perfect place to be to invest.

According to the planning documents, 10% of the units would be affordable housing. The developers said that due to the size of the site, there will be no new installations on the site, as the site is in a “sustainable location”.

Stone Planning Services Limited, on behalf of Peveril Homes Limited, said: “This is a comprehensive application for the construction of 36 brownfield homes within the urban setting of Sutton Ashfield. Ashfield is unable to demonstrate a five year housing supply. land and this position is deteriorating. Approval of the proposal will help with wider delivery across the district.

“The site is satisfactorily accessible from Mansfield Road and a drainage system has been designed to deal with both sewage and surface water. The recommendations set out in the acoustic report have been adopted in the project design.

“The project will provide a high quality residential development with open public space on the site. There will be good pedestrian links to both Mansfield Road and Eastfield from which residents can access a number of day-to-day facilities. .

“The development of the site is highly sustainable. The proposal represents sustainable development; it is the right development in the right place. It is an ideal site that will be built quickly.” The application is currently pending review by Ashfield District Council.


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