The past week has been hectic for You’re here (NASDAQ:TSLA), but it looks like it could end on a high note. Shares of the electric vehicle (EV) innovator plunged after Twitter (NYSE:TWTR)’s board has accepted CEO Elon Musk’s buyout offer. When Musk later announced the creation of three holding companies, investor confidence wavered further. Additionally, as shares fell, Musk unloaded more TSLA shares. Today, however, stocks are back in the green.

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Despite falling this morning, TSLA stock rebounded quickly. Currently, he’s up slightly today and working hard to break his three-game losing streak. Given the abundance of good news Tesla has seen this week, a turnaround seems likely once markets adjust to the fundamental shift in the potential Twitter takeover.

Tesla earnings pushed the stock higher last week, but there are other positive developments investors shouldn’t ignore. Here’s a look at this week’s top Tesla headlines.

Top Headlines for TSLA Equity Investors

Elon Musk sells $8.5 billion worth of Tesla shares after Twitter deal

Let’s start this week’s roundup with perhaps the biggest story. As mentioned, Musk offloaded a significant portion of his TSLA stock holdings after the Twitter acquisition was confirmed. Many pundits feared Musk was doing it to fund the takeover, so the sale wasn’t completely unexpected. Still, the fact that this news came as stocks tumbled raised more concerns among investors, though the current rebound should be reassuring. Yesterday, musk confirmed that he no longer plans to sell TSLA shares.

Is Giga Berlin Tesla the ticket to take back the market share of electric vehicles in Europe?

The answer to the question posed in this title seems to be yes. According to the wall street journalthere’s reason to believe Tesla’s new Germany-based facility may help him to resume The European market for electric vehicles. The plant successfully opened at the end of March and is already producing cars. Demand is also growing across the continent, accelerated by rising energy prices. All in all, Tesla is better positioned than ever to dominate the region growing EV scene.

Tesla financing offers are attractive compared to rivals

Yesterday revealed another potential catalyst for TSLA shares. More specifically, the data from CarsDirect indicates that, although Tesla prices are high, the company offers the most attractive financing formulas in the sector. Like Inside electric vehicles reports, its interest rates and loan terms give consumers a better deal compared to many other EV manufacturers, including Toyota (NYSE:MT) and Ford (NYSE:F). That’s partly because “Tesla’s interest rates and loan terms remain the same no matter which vehicle or trim level you choose.” For vehicles as expensive as Tesla’s, these attractive financing packages are key to the company’s strong sales.

Iron Man Elon Musk places his bets on the Tesla battery

Musk’s new contract could earn him a new title – “Iron Man” – and for good reason. When Tesla announced positive earnings for the first quarter of 2022, many investors ignored another positive development. Specifically, the company announced that nearly half of its vehicles produced during the period used lithium iron phosphate (LFP) batteries. A lower-cost solution for popular nickel-cobalt batteries, LFP technology could help propel not just Tesla, but the entire electric vehicle industry forward. Nickel and cobalt can be difficult to source due to supply chain constraints. Now is an opportune time for electric vehicle producers to double down on a new type of battery for their cars.

Tesla (TSLA) still holds 75% of US electric car market so far this year

It’s always good for investors to remember Tesla’s power, especially with its vast market share. New registration data indicates that Tesla vehicles account for approximately 75% of new electric vehicles registered in the United States. While that number was even higher at 79% in 2020, Tesla’s market share has increased even further from 2021. As Electrek reports: “Right now, the U.S. EV market is still extremely dependent on Tesla production and deliveries. Of course, increased competition threatens to reduce the company’s sales. For now, however, Tesla remains comfortably at the top.

Ford CEO says automaker plans to challenge Tesla as global EV leader

The news of the week was not all positive. However, this latest story shouldn’t worry TSLA stock investors too much. After a difficult season, Ford is working hard to be taken seriously as an electric vehicle producer. CEO Jim Farley said the company plans “to challenge Tesla and all newcomers to become the world’s leading electric vehicle maker.” But that doesn’t mean it will be easy. After all, Tesla outsold Ford in the first quarter of 2022, despite the traditional automaker offering more affordable electric vehicles. Tesla has a significant head start and does not plan to slow down. For Ford, the road ahead will be difficult, to say the least.

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